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Elizabeth Buenger

8th grade Language Arts
Pre-AP and Level

Conference time: 8:50 - 9:40 A.M.

Phone: 832-592-8400


Supply list for class:


  • Two (2) Composition books
  • Red ink pen (or any color other than blue/black ink) for grading
  • #2 pencil
  • Blue / black ink pen
  • Highlighter
  • Notebook paper
  • agenda
  • scissors
  • glue stick/tape


Vocabulary Lists for the fourth NINE WEEKS:
                                                                                                        Can't find your note cards?
                                                                                                        Vocab Template '16.docx




If you wish to purchase a dictionary - Barnes and Noble has them for $8.99!  Please click on the icon below for more information:
Just click on the ICON below . . .




  • Pre-ap

  • Level




8th Grade Level:
An assignment is considered late if it is not turned in when the teacher asked for it on the set date/class period. It is the student's responsibility to record assignments and due dates.
No late work will be accepted for daily assignments.
Major assignments will be accepted one day late, but the highest grade earned will be a 70.

8th Grade Pre-AP:
An assignment is considered late if it is not turned in when the teacher asked for it on the set date/class period. It is the student's responsibility to record assignments and due dates since late work is NOT accepted. What does this mean?
All students are expected to turn in daily work “On Time”, or he or she will receive a zero.
Long-term major grade assignments are due even when a student is not present in class.
Work should be emailed to the teacher or placed in the teacher's mail box in the front office before 4:00 pm on the school day on which the assignment is due. (Please make sure you receive electronic confirmation from teacher that assignment was received, or it will not be accepted at a later time.)


                                 Fourth Nine Weeks Vocabulary
Quiz and Test Dates

Vocab quiz #1
wds (1-6)
Vocab quiz #2
wds (7-12)
Vocab quiz #3
wds (13-18)
Vocab quiz #4
wds (19-24)
Vocab quiz #5
wds (25-30)
Vocabulary TEST
wds (1 - 30)

        Vocabulary TEST for the 4th nine weeks is !
                *Vocabulary notecards are to be done in class and turned in at the end of the class period.
                *If you are absent, you will be responsible for making up the note cards and turning it in.
                 The note cards must be turned in before or on Friday of the same week.  Late work will
                 not be accepted.
                        What do I do if I can't find my notecards?

            Vocab stations Template.doc

                        Click on the icon above and print out your notecards so you may receive full credit!


           9282012_124813_0.jpg  Parents and students,
                                        The following marks might show up in PAC when looking at grades.
                                     Please see the chart below for the meaning of the grade/mark.

  • 1032012_52013_4.png
Things I can do to help myself be successful:
  • Check Mrs. Buenger’s website
  • Ask questions
  • Complete class work
  • Turn in Major grade assignments (on-time)
  • Study for vocabulary quizzes/test
  • Study any study guide/review Mrs. Buenger gives me
  • Write down important info in my agenda
  • Come in for tutoring
  • Sign up for REMIND101

ABSENT?  Here’s what you missed:


March 20 thru March 24

Monday - Pre-ap:  Handouts for work in class today
                Level: review for staar test - handout completed in class -
         if you were absent please see me for a copy of the handout
Tuesday - Preap:  review for staar test - informational text
                 Level:  review for staar test - informational text

Wednesday -   Preap: review for staar test - drama
                           Level: review for staar test - drama

Thursday -   Preap: review for staar test - persuasive
                         Level: review for staar test - persuasive
Friday -  Preap: review for staar test - poetry
               Level: review for staar test - poetry


8232013_61341_0.png            PRE AP students call 281-978-4812 and text the message @mrsbuen
                                LEVEL students call 281-978-4812 and text the message @mrsbueng


Tutoring Information:
KNIGHT SCHOOL:  Tuesday 4 - 5  &  Thursday 4 - 5

Mrs. Buenger's tutorials are Monday morning (8:00-8:40) and Monday afternoon (4:00-5:00) and Wednesday morning (8:00-8:40) and Wednesday afternoon (4:00-5:00).

Mrs. Buenger is not available for tutorials on Thursday because she has duty.

Please note there will be no tutoring on the first Thursday of each month due to the FACULTY MEETING.
There will be no tutoring during the week of exams unless you schedule an appointment with me personally.
LANGUAGE ARTS TESTS: "Due to the use of common assessments, there is a risk of a breach in test security; therefore, teachers will go over tests in class only after the test has been administered and graded.  However, the tests will not be sent home.  If you would like to see the test, please make an appointment for you and your child to go over it at the school with the teacher.  This is for commonly assessed tests only-- quizzes and other assessments can be sent home."


To access the TEXT book on line go to:  www.phlitonline.com
enter your first class user name and first class password
If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to contact me at:  ebuenger@conroeisd.net


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